As an artist, I have gone through several periods. The period when I was studying, the period when I worked hard to create something new. And the period of liberation, of winning freedom in the work itself. This is the current period, when I do my works much longer and at first glance I put a lot of effort, but in contrast I do them with ease from the breeze of freedom. Long time paint periods are more of an adventure than some hard work. In the paintings themselves, using color, line and ornamental, I playing. And through that play I think I manage to evoke a person, his feelings through the scenes I paint. Although at first glance, these are semi-abstract paintings, they convey a note of realistic figuration. And abstraction serves to represent the feelings and mental states of man. In addition to playing with the visual elements, I always search for the roots of spirituality in the work itself. Art at the end and the beginning is a matter of spirit. I think the preoccupation with art is the pursuit or mapping of one's spiritual space. It's a reward I once win. At least for a few seconds. I can feel the space behind this world or inside. Whatever.