"For me painting represents the moment when the boundaries of this world disappear and when nature reveal a multitude of other levels and spaces in which one can inhabit and enjoy a more fulfilling essence. My favorite time for work is noon, when the sun is at a zenith, at this moment I feel a more direct and clear life inhabit my work. This magical play with materials allows man to live out deepest experiences and at least for a moment reach and touch eternity. I could say that painting is the craziest adventure in which all the aspects of life are present. When I get started on a painting I feel as if departing a harbour borne up on a wind to sail the world on luck's whim. The colors are alive tone is moderate and action tempestuous and calm from moment to moment. The painting should not show effort and sweat. In the end when paintings are finished I feel as if I was alone on a green field with God present and he says: "It's a good painting". Then we fall silent for a while and he says: "Keep on going."